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Christopher "Chase" Carey, MBA
(3rd Degree Black Belt)

Customer Relations Agent

This is me.  This is the guy you get.  And with me YOU get everything YOU need.  I have 38+ years in the insurance industry to ensure you, your family, and your employees have the best affordable insurance policies and benefits packages and to ensure you and your business thrives.  I've worked hard as a claim examiner, compliance tech, market research & product development professional, VP of Underwriting for Aetna, Benefits Consultant, and Benefit Broker.

I'm known in the industry as the Broker that can get things done.  In fact, peers tell me that if "Chase cannot get something done, it simply cannot be done."  A nice compliment I am proud of.

Consider that I also have the life experiences your employees need, whether you have 2 employees or 2,000 employees.  I've successfully had large claim denials overturned, I've helped people who go through very scary illnesses, I've helped the upset new employee that does not understand balance billing, yes, COVID-19, and I've helped families and business through deaths.  I understand the challenges that life can throw at us, and I know how to help you, your family, and your employees and businesses manage through these hurdles seamlessly.

And when it comes to renewals, I will make this process, well, almost delightful.  You'll get the facts, the options, and you'll see what other top companies are doing.  I digest all the confusing nuances of insurance today and present the cost drivers and solutions in easily understood presentations.  Renewals are not for you to worry about: they are for me to handle.

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