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EAP Benefits - Free To Use
EAP Login.png

Sometimes we all just need a little extra help for the challenging times in life.  Our EAP is a great place to start.

The blue icon above is your access to the online benefit details.  After clicking on the icon, type in "Global Diagnostic Services" and you will be taken to the portal.  You do not need to be enrolled in the medical plan to use the benefits.

The icon of the woman is a pdf version of the EAP benefits for you.

Benefit highlights:

1.  Counseling.  You get up to 6 visits, online or in person.

2.  Legal Consultation.  You get up to a 30 minute phone or in person meeting, lots of free legal resources, forms, and seminars.

3.  Financial Consultation.  You get a phone meeting with a financial professional along with financial resources and budgeting tools.

4.  ID Recovery.  How important is this!  You get help reporting to consumer credit agencies and completing paperwork.

5.  My Strength.  E-learning modules and mood trackers, library of videos, and support developing personal action plans.

6. Dependent Care and Daily Living Expenses.  Online and phone consultation with a work-life specialist and help with pet sitting, moving, and other common needs.

7. Crisis Consultation.  Toll-free Emergency 24/7 support and online critical event support during crises.

8.  Other Great Stuff.  Well-being articles, podcasts, monthly webinars, sell-assessment tools for well being.

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