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Anthem Value Added Benefits



Anthem Offers Several Very Good Value Added Benefits At No Cost to You Including The Ability For You to Earn MONEY for Healthy Behaviors (See the Get Strong flyer at the bottom).  In fact, you could earn up to $200 with Get Strong Health Rewards!

First.  Get Strong Health Rewards.

Anthem's Get Strong allows employees and spouses over the age of 18 can earn up to $200 in gift cards for taking steps to improve their health!

Second.  MyHealth Coach. 

Anthem's MyHealth Coach provides information to help you and your family find community resources, can discuss what your blood test results mean, help you quit smoking, and help you to understand why it's important to take your medications.

Third.  Say Hi to Sydney.

Sydney is a single, convenient place for a digital ID card, plan details, spending accounts, claims, robust tools to help find care, view costs, etc.

Fourth.  Live Health Online.

See a doc live from your phone!  Visits are $0 for the first 12 medical visits and many are $0 for Covid-19 visits.

Fifth.  360 Discounts.

Get discounts on many of the products and services you may already be using, such as:  Barnes & Noble, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers,, Premier LASIK, and more!

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